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Just found out that we have won Angie’s List Super Service award again.

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Angie’s List Super Service Award 2014


More exciting stuff. I want to thank everyone for the nice reviews on Angie’s List!


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Getting Your Locks Ready For Winter

The Winter is coming! The Winter is coming!

No need to be alarmed, I hope.
With the onset of Winter, come unique problems that can affect your locks on your home and your car.

The most common is “Lock Freezing”.coldlock1

Because of the climate in the South, with all the humidity which can make outdoor activities down right miserable on our 98° days (and sometimes nights). In the Winter, when temperatures dip below freezing, the water in the air, as it condenses on surfaces, freezes as well.

snowmageddon14 Because most of our locks are exposed to the outside air, the humidity enters them, usually via the keyway, on  a  constant basis. As it cools, it condenses into a microscopic layer over the pins and springs inside your lock.

This, then freezes, effectively “locking” your lock, by freezing the springs and pins in place. For some unknown cosmic reason, this tends to happen just when you get home from work, it’s dark out, and you have just spent hour crawling through Rush Hour traffic. Not fun.

Sometimes while out shopping, in the lot at work, in just driving, or even in your own driveway – you will encounter, rain, puddles, splashes and even snow cast off from a snowplow. Although, if last Winter is any yardstick, a snowplow may NEVER come your way. Even melting and re-freezing ice can be a problem.coldlock3

These can have the effect of forcing water, sometimes under pressure, inside your vehicle locks. The mercury drops and then, you have an icy mess inside your lock.

This problem crops up more often in older vehicles. Auto locks generally have a spring-loaded dust shutter over the keyway, it is designed specifically to keep dust and moisture out. Older vehicles, with locks which have seen a lot of use, may lose a small amount of ‘spring integrity’. The spring might be weakened, broken or in any case, just loose enough to allow water to enter the lock.coldlock2

Some Preventative Maintenance is in order. My favorite Stand-By and Go-To solution happens to be – Good Ol WD-40®.  (see the post “Lubrication: A Little Dab’ll Do Ya”)  WD-40® is a lubricant, a cleaner AND, it repels water. wd40

Almost everybody has a can laying around in a drawer, a closet or out in the garage. It’s a good solution and readily available. So here’s how to apply it to your home and car locks:
1) You can use the provided straw (IF you can find it, the ALWAYS get lost somehow) and spray a SMALL burst into the keyway. It needs to be small, since WD-40® can clean away some of the lithium grease which is necessary for the automobile-lock wafers and linkages inside a car door to operate smoothly.

2) You can slather a bunch onto your key. This is actually the BEST way.

Either way, you will need to insert your key into the keyway and draw it in and out a few times, remembering to turn the key in both directions for the ENTIRE range of the turning radius.
This will put a very fine film overlay on the pins or wafers in the lock and effectively repel moisture.

Here are some Bonus Tips:

1) Make sure you have a rag handy to wipe off any fluid that might drip out of the lock. WD-40® can cause stains on your paint and wood, so clean it off promptly. You should also wipe any excess off of your key when you are done.

2) Depending on the weather conditions, you most likely will need to repeat this periodically through the season.

3) If you do have broken or missing dust shutters on your car locks, it is very important to replace them to keep your locks in good working order.

4) Check the weather-stripping on your car. Cracked, broken or missing weather-stripping can allow water to enter between the door and the car body. This too can freeze into ice and not allow your car door to open at all. Additionally, dripping water can foul or short out your vehicle electronics, such as electric door locks, mirrors and windows. This goes doubly so for weather-stripping on your windows.

So, let’s all get prepared for Winter, winterizing your locks is easy and quick and can save you lots of time and trouble later on. Don’t forget to stock up on necessities before the next “Snowmageddon”!

SnowstormKitWhat? No Cheetos?

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Lubrication: A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

A lock will usually last you a life time. Occasionally, with a great deal of use, parts might break. There are a lot of parts inside your lockset. Springs, clips, latches etc. Now, some of the Major Brands are cutting down on manufacturing costs by using less metal in their residential series. Parts that were once solid are now being made with a skeleton like appearance. Something tells me they are not as strong and durable as they used to be. Some are even inserting PLASTIC and NYLON parts where they once were metal. Most of the ‘store brand’ and ‘builder’ hardware manufacturers are NOT doing this however. Also,locks available for sale from your Locksmith are ‘generally’ a little better quality than what is available in the big box hardware stores.

Still, I have seen residential locks lasting 50 years and more. I have some old warded mortise-locks on some of my doors at home. They use a bit-key, what is commonly known as a ‘skeleton-key’. They will be 90 years old next year, and they still operate smoothly.

2011723600So, besides the “Lifetime Finish” meeting an early demise, the most common problem you might encounter, will most likely be a ‘sticky lock’.
When you purchase a new lockset from the hardware store, it comes packed with lithium grease as a lubricant. This will normally last for several years. Direct sunlight, freezing temperatures all serve to break this down and even harden the lithium. 5 or 10 years from purchase may require a fresh application of lithium to the interior of the handles.

You’ll probably want to call a Locksmith for this, since we know where the lithium grease should be applied.

BUT … there are some steps you can take yourself to keep your lock cylinders and latches operating smoothly.

1)Teflon Powder. This is the absolute best! Liquid sprays with Teflon in them are not the same thing though. Teflon actually bonds to the metal and offers some protection from oxidation too. It is rather expensive,and Teflon is poisonous. But it works.

2)WD-40. Really, regular ol’ WD-40. It is a “cleaning lubricant” you need very little of it. It takes a single small ‘burst’ in the key-way, or just spray some on the key itself. Stick the key in and turn the lock back and forth a few times, wipe off the key and you’re done. WD-40will clean out the lock and lubricate it, but it will also attract dirt too. So repeat this once about every 6 months or so.

3)Aero-Kroil is similar to WD-40, it is used when there is severe corrosion. It is hard to get as it is industrial, but a single can could last you for years.

WD-40 is probably the easiest and most available, almost everyone has a can somewhere around the house. A little dab’ll do ya!

Now, here are some things to NEVER DO.

1) Oil. There is actually an oil sold for locks. It should never be used.

3N1Years ago there were little picture icons on the can, a sewing machine, hinges and a padlock. Oil, as it ages and is subjected to temperature changes (especially heat) will eventually turn into a hard shellac-like substance. It turns gummy and can actually destroy your lock. I have had to soak antique locks in kerosene to remove the film and clean them. 2)Graphite. Well, graphite isn’t TOO terribly bad. But, here in Georgia, however, with the humidity, it tends to clump up inside the lock. Also, it’s the same material that pencil ‘leads’ are made of nowadays, the dust can leave marks on your door and be transferred from the lock to your hands or even your pockets. Some folks swear by it. I don’t recommend it though.


3)Improper Installation. This actually accelerates the corrosion process.
When your lock is upside down you now have the pins inside your lock sitting on top of the springs. Eventually they will compress the springs down until they no longer ‘spring’ back. Also, any moisture or grime which enters the lock will now fall into the pin-stack and cake up and cause even more corrosion and oxidation than would occur with a properly installed, right side up lock.

inside-lockWith many locks, you just need to remove the 2 screws holding it to the door and reverse the position. Some locks require you to also reverse the latch or the bolt too. There are some locks which require tools to reverse the lock. Your Locksmith will have these tools and the ability to do this for you. Also, make sure your lockset is screwed down tight on the door, little gaps created when your lock is loose allow water, dirt and even insects in.

As always, Ariel – Reliable Locksmith is available to you, either to perform the work for you, or to consult on the phone with you with good and tested advice.

Remember, call, even if you just have a question.


Tootin’ My Own Horn

I don’t really need to. But here are a few of the reviews I’ve gotten over the last year, I am proud of them, because it means that I have been doing my job. I am pleased that you are pleased, that you are satisfied. Thank you for all the kind words, they do mean the world to me. So from around the web, in no particular order……..

Amr E. Lawrenceville, GA

5.0 star rating

6/4/2014 First to Review

Great guy, super quick and honest. He came and unlock my house in five seconds for an amazing price

Keedai K. Lawrenceville, GA

5.0 star rating


He came within 5 minutes of getting off the phone with me. Great price and very friendly service!

Ron F, Braselton, GA

September 05, 2013

Everything went smoothly and quickly. Nothing more to tell. Great experience and I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone.

Virginia D, MIAMI, FL 33179

January 17, 2013

Excellent! Locked my keys in the car at the mall while visiting friends. Chris got here quick and got my car unlocked in just a few minutes. Honest & friendly. It was like 35 degrees and raining last night too, Very happy!

David M, Lawrenceville, GA

January 03, 2014

I got this through a —- coupon. My front door latch was sticking and Fritz came and quickly and professionally cleaned the mechanism and explained how to avoid the problem in the future. Very friendly and knowledgable

Morgan R, Lawrenceville, GA

December 30, 2013

Chris saved me at least $300! I have a Baldwin front door set that was broken. I was planning on just replacing it (it was originally around $300 about 5 years ago). Because of a promotional email from —– I decided to let Ariel Locksmith give it a try. While not able to actually fix the defective part, he informed me that Baldwin products have a life time warranty (didn’t know that), how to contact their customer service dept, location of the identification information they would need, and a description of the part that was n

eeded. As soon as Chris left, I called Baldwin and within 15 minutes the part was ordered at no cost to me (not even shipping). Chris also showed me how to install the new part when it arrives so I would not have to pay for another service call. You can’t beat that kind of honest service!

I was impressed with the appointment process, prompt communications, arrived on time, and diagnosed the problem in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend Ariel’s Locksmith!

deborah h duluth, GA

December 30, 2013

Willingly took the time (about 10 minutes) to walk me through unsticking the dead bolt and door locks on my front door. Willingly recommended using lubricant to ensure continued performance of both locks.

Very thorough. Was willing to make a house call today. Was not disappointed when I was able to get locks to respond and front door opened. Told me what to problems to look out for and recommended lubricate as a kind of maintenance. Very pleasant. I was very pleased and will definitely contact this company again and recommend this company to others.


October 19, 2013

Chris was prompt, professional and friendly. I would definitely use his services again.


February 18, 2014

Fitz came and retooled my front and back doors so I only had to use one key on all the locks. He was prompt and went right to work. He made sure my locks were installed properly and this made me feel safer.

Richard S, Newnan, GA

January 10, 2014

The services performed were for my Sister-in-Law’s house (In Lawrenceville). She has cancer and my wife is staying with her as care-giver. The three doors with two locks on each one used one key. Some locks were not being used because the key would not work. Ariel Reliable fixed all three doors and the one key works so smoothe in all locks. ast, professional and would recommend them to all.

Pat W, Duluth, GA

February 10, 2014

Simple small job, but still an outstanding value nonetheless! Took the time to talk to me and I learned a lot about locks. Highly recommended!

Glenda B, Duluth, GA

February 06, 2014

Removed a broken key from outside lock and repaired the internal lock mechanism. The locksmith was very prompt (he even got to the house before me). He was very professional and repaired the lock to my satisfaction. I will use his services when needed in the future.

pat w, Dacula, GA

January 16, 2014

Replaced and re-keyed broken deadbolt.

Prompt, professional and friendly. Excellent service. I highly recommend this company.


August 13, 2014

Rekeyed our front door. Excellent service. He arrived when he said he would and got right to work. He did the work quickly and was very polite.

Eileen P, Lawrenceville, GA

May 30, 2014

Re-keyed all locks (7) to our home. Installed new main entry lock and provided duplicate keys as requested. Owner of business responded promptly after initial contact. Went “above and beyond the call of duty” in stopping to pick up a part needed for the job. Professional, courteous, and priced more reasonably than I had expected. Would not hesitate to use this service again.


July 24, 2014

He changed the locks on my home. He is outstanding and deserves an A+. He’s very honest, professional, punctual, and took the time to answer all of my questions. He is the best locksmith I have worked with. I would highly recommend him, and use him again.

Michael D, Atlanta, GA

May 01, 2014

Excellent service/price! On time, very professional, good quality work.


February 11, 2014

Fixed a jamed lock/cylinder. Mr. Fitzpatrick came to my home on the eve of the snow/ice storm and repaired the lock on my storm door. I was so glad to see him as another locksmith bailed out due to the impending weather. He was knowledgeable, prompt and the service charge was very reasonable. I would definitely use this business again and recommend them to others.

Thank YOU Again,


Do Your Research

Internet Locksmith Scammers Getting The YOUR Big Bucks

C A FitzPatrick NRI CML

Different scamster “locksmiths” have different tactics. In a CBS Atlanta News investigation caught “Atlanta Solution Locksmith” in the act.
They found this scam artist’s strategy to lure in and ripoff customers. This company has registered THOUSANDS of different fraudulent “locksmith” names with different fake company websites that pretend to be in different locations, all over the internet.

The thousands of different local phone numbers displayed on each website are diverted to a central call center in Dunwoody. The websites are stuffed with keywords and backlinks to direct the unsuspecting public and their hard earned money to the owner

Asher Asaf Uziel.

All of the websites were registered in his own name. Most of the registrations have since been removed. He still has a facebook page in his name.

Tens of thousands of people have fallen victim to this web of deciet by not researching the company. Almost impossible to do when one is in a vulnerable position and needs help quickly. One of those victims in Midtown Atlanta is Hollie Holler. She didn’t know the company she hired, she just called the first thing that popped up on Google, resulting in being forced into paying a thief $232 to get her keys back.

“I was angry but there wasn’t anything I could do about it,” said Holler, who didn’t know the low rating of the locksmith she hired.

There are many more complaints according to the Atlanta Better Business Bureau.

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection hired the company in the “urgent situation.” During the undercover operation, the quote given over the phone was $29 plus labor. They ended up being charged $113! My question is, since this was an official investigation, why weren’t Uziel and his ‘locksmith’ arrested? Why weren’t his office/call center and home raided, computers and bank accounts seized? He was only fined $111,897.40. The state got $100k of that, leaving a paltry $11,897.40 for the bilked customers (which they could find) to split up. By theft, Uziel drives a BMW and owns a house worth $1.3 MILLION. $100k is a small price to pay, there is no telling how much he has actually amassed with this fraud.When the news reporter approached him, he just ran off and hid – VIDEO

Sadly, more scammer locksmiths have established themselves around Atlanta and nationwide. These fake companies have damaged the reputation of legitimate locksmiths.
Burt Kolker, owner of a 45-year old locksmith company in Sandy Springs says his business is slowly losing and getting a bad reputation because these phonies have stolen his name. “I think I’ve lost 40 percent of my business,” he said. The biggest loser however is the public, with hundreds of millions of dollars stolen anually from the pockets of hard working Americans. Do your research BEFORE you need a locksmith. If you are locked out and they tell you a dollar figure AND UP or PLUS LABOR or the ‘technician’ determines the price. You are about to get ripped off.
Almost 80% of cars can be opened with a single tool and similar technique, another 8 or 9% can be opened with 2 more tools. I have about 47 or so tools to cover the last 12%. NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE YOUR CAR FIRST, for an auto lockout, the entire price should be given to you over the phone. Average price during daylight hours – is about $50.