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Real Estate and Eviction Services

At Ariel Reliable Locksmith, we offer the complete package of Real Estate Services.

We Offer Service For:

For Sale Properties

Bank Repossessions

Abandoned Properties

Rental Properties

Auction Purchases

Apartment and Multi-Family Units

Tenant Evictions


Are you an agent/broker selling or renting Residential or Commercial properties? We can rekey whole houses, or just the front door to allow other agents access.

If you have several properties, we can place them on a single Master Key, while they still retain the original key, your Master Key will gain you entry to your entire catalog of listings.

You would avoid the hassle of carrying around multiple keys or having to fumble through key rings trying to find the correct key.

We can gain entry to abandoned properties so you can have them cleaned and renovated, ready again for the market.

Have tenants disappeared taking the keys with them? We can generate a new to key for the existing locks or rekey them to a new and different key to block unauthorized entry. Many times you do not even have to be on site, all we need is

your authorization. As a bonus, when the work is complete, we offer FREE key delivery, we’ll bring them to YOU!

We offer low cost rekeying packages which you can give closing gifts to your buyers.

We make keys and perform rekeys for Bank Repossessed Properties.

We can place multiple units on a master key system for maintenan

ce team access.

We generate keys or rekey properties purchased at auction.

Here at Ariel Reliable Locksmith, we will tailor our services specifically to meet your unique, individual requirements in the different areas of the Real Estate arena.


Why A Locksmith Should Open Your Car

When you lock your keys in your car, you have several choices as how to get back in.lockedout
You could do it yourself, you could have a friend attempt it, or you could call one of several different people. A police officer, a tow truck driver, or even a parking lot attendant.
Auto makers are making it harder and tougher for thieves to break into your car, which makes it harder for anyone to get into your car without a key, a good thing too.
Locksmiths are trained professionals, we have special tools, designed to open locked cars without damaging the interior of the door, pulling or bending the linkage rods, breaking the glass or damaging the door electrical system, sometimes this could cause a fire and actually destroy your auto. When a locksmith arrives to open your car, he knows what he is looking for and will not randomly poke around in your door cavity tearing away wires, breaking glass, or the lock itself. You will be on your way quickly.
Good Locksmiths are bonded and insured, which means if any damage does result, it will be taken care of quickly. It is a good idea to ask if your local locksmith is insured, for your protection.
A police officer can enforce the law, or write a ticket and guard the public safety.
A tow truck driver can tow you home, even give you a jump start. A parking lot attendant or security guard can keep the parking lot safe, even help you with your packages. All of these people are trained in their jobs, and most do them well, but most of these people are NOT TRAINED TO UNLOCK CARS. If one of these people damages your car, in most instances there is no recourse, a $45 to $65 locksmith charge is preferable to $150 to $600 (more if your car catches fire from broken wiring) to repair your door or replace the glass. It is possible one of these people can actually open your car, but you don’t know for sure. With a Locksmith, you know you are getting a trained professional.

Play it safe, call a Licensed Locksmith

Be cautious of any company who tells you they are sending a “tech”. A Locksmith is not a ‘tech’. This is a term many of the scammer companies use for their unlicensed and UNTRAINED subcontractors, the only training they possess is how to rip you off.

Ariel-Reliable Locksmith Means Professional

Ariel-Reliable Locksmith 678-768-9001
OPEN 24 Hours a day
Professional Courteous Knowledgeable Reliable


A legal attempt is being coordinated by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) to curb the illegal ‘locksmiths’ operating across America. They plant themselves in business by using illegal marketing tactics. This first includes obtaining a phone number (many times 20, 30 or more local phone numbers) and attaching it to a false address (again, 20 – 30, or more local addresses) with a phony locksmith name. They then spread this information through a website, by entering it on all search engines, all online directories and all data providers. Most of the listing services do nothing to verify the authenticity or validity of the information. Even those that do require verification, do little if anything to correct errors or remove spam when identified. It seems our governments, local, state and federal also do nothing to enforce any state licensing for locksmiths or consumer protection laws (you may not use a false address to advertise your business, you must not bait and switch,  and so on). The illegal locksmiths, by using the new advertising media are actively taking away market share of those who play by the rules. It is hard to compete with 4000 bogus company listings when you only have one truthful one. In effect, thousands of service calls are diverted to the illegal locksmiths listings, costing the honest locksmiths and you the consumer, literally millions of dollars every month. Through our (A.L.O.A.) efforts, we will stop the illegal locksmiths by hiring lawyers to force Telcos, search engines, and online and print directories to stop the illegal practice of listing false addresses. If we can take away the source of the revenue, we will end this horrific practice. We, through our legal efforts, will institute lawsuits with monetary consequences for all involved, including enablers and the perpetrators themselves. Only together can we do this.
-NOTE: A.L.O.A.’s efforts are almost completely concentrated on requiring state licensing in which ALL testing will be conducted by them, hence all testing fees and fees for ‘remedial’ education in order to pass their tests will go directly into A.L.O.A.’s coffers. In conversations with representatives of A.L.O.A. I have discovered that they really don’t understand how these thieves manipulate the search listings, use IP masking to empty the accounts of legitimate locksmiths using pay per click ads etc etc. Nor do they have any idea of the simple tools available (Google Mapmaker, Google+ feedback forms and simply leaving truthful reviews about illegal activity) which are available to combat this robbery.

Here at Ariel Reliable, we will share information with you so that you, the consumer, are not ripped off by these unscrupulous predators because that is what they are. They prey on innocent people during their time of need. They use the bait and switch technique by quoting a really low price over the phone but once they get on-site the charge astronomical prices and use aggressive actions to collect the money (this is FRAUD).

PLEASE BEWARE!! Remember to call Ariel Reliable first with all of your locksmith needs. We are a local company and we use fair business practices when dealing with our customers,- our customers are our neighbors. We are here for the citizens of Lawrenceville and all of Gwinnett.

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Residential Services

Keep Your Home Safe with our Residential Locksmith Services

When people think of a locksmith, their minds go straight to helping people unlock their cars when they forget their keys. Of course, Ariel Reliable Locksmith does so much more, including ensuring that your home is safe and protected. It’s not all about replacing keys or unlocking doors. As a residential locksmith we provide a variety of services that can help ensure your complete safety in your home.

Say you come home one day and discover your next door neighbor in Lawrenceville has been robbed. The weak lock on the front door has been kicked open, breaking off the hinges and shattering your sense of safety in your own neighborhood. In a situation such as this, Ariel Reliable Locksmith can help make your home safer and less vulnerable to intruders.

Being a residential locksmith, we, in essence, are charged with the security of your home. In addition to our simple locksmith services such as key duplication and repairing locks, we install high-tech dead bolts, barrel bolts, and a wide variety of door hardware. We even make keys and locks for things such as your mailbox or desk drawers. As your home locksmith we offer the most advanced door locks, providing you -the home owner, with the best products and services for your individual needs and within your budget. We consider any profit as secondary to your safety and your security.

We also offer childproofing services, bringing you name brand, manufacturer and industry rated devices for protecting the smallest members of your family.

When it comes to the safety of your family and home, you’ll want the best possible service and so we strive to provide this for you. In the end, your first line of defense in protecting your Lawrenceville home is choosing Ariel Reliable Locksmith, we are indeed reliable, affordable, and well-respected in our community.

Don’t forget, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you need a locksmith in emergency situations.