A legal attempt is being coordinated by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) to curb the illegal ‘locksmiths’ operating across America. They plant themselves in business by using illegal marketing tactics. This first includes obtaining a phone number (many times 20, 30 or more local phone numbers) and attaching it to a false address (again, 20 – 30, or more local addresses) with a phony locksmith name. They then spread this information through a website, by entering it on all search engines, all online directories and all data providers. Most of the listing services do nothing to verify the authenticity or validity of the information. Even those that do require verification, do little if anything to correct errors or remove spam when identified. It seems our governments, local, state and federal also do nothing to enforce any state licensing for locksmiths or consumer protection laws (you may not use a false address to advertise your business, you must not bait and switch,  and so on). The illegal locksmiths, by using the new advertising media are actively taking away market share of those who play by the rules. It is hard to compete with 4000 bogus company listings when you only have one truthful one. In effect, thousands of service calls are diverted to the illegal locksmiths listings, costing the honest locksmiths and you the consumer, literally millions of dollars every month. Through our (A.L.O.A.) efforts, we will stop the illegal locksmiths by hiring lawyers to force Telcos, search engines, and online and print directories to stop the illegal practice of listing false addresses. If we can take away the source of the revenue, we will end this horrific practice. We, through our legal efforts, will institute lawsuits with monetary consequences for all involved, including enablers and the perpetrators themselves. Only together can we do this.
-NOTE: A.L.O.A.’s efforts are almost completely concentrated on requiring state licensing in which ALL testing will be conducted by them, hence all testing fees and fees for ‘remedial’ education in order to pass their tests will go directly into A.L.O.A.’s coffers. In conversations with representatives of A.L.O.A. I have discovered that they really don’t understand how these thieves manipulate the search listings, use IP masking to empty the accounts of legitimate locksmiths using pay per click ads etc etc. Nor do they have any idea of the simple tools available (Google Mapmaker, Google+ feedback forms and simply leaving truthful reviews about illegal activity) which are available to combat this robbery.

Here at Ariel Reliable, we will share information with you so that you, the consumer, are not ripped off by these unscrupulous predators because that is what they are. They prey on innocent people during their time of need. They use the bait and switch technique by quoting a really low price over the phone but once they get on-site the charge astronomical prices and use aggressive actions to collect the money (this is FRAUD).

PLEASE BEWARE!! Remember to call Ariel Reliable first with all of your locksmith needs. We are a local company and we use fair business practices when dealing with our customers,- our customers are our neighbors. We are here for the citizens of Lawrenceville and all of Gwinnett.

Edited Original Source: http://www.aloa.org/taskforce


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